Kuban composts ECOSS are prepared according to the industrial technology at the Kuban AgroBioComplex factory from the local materials which are organic waste products.

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Mechanization of all technological processes allows daily preparations for 100 tons of balanced substrata for compost. They are: mixtures of fresh and deeply ferment manure of milky cows and calves (40%), birds’ dung (20%), cereal straw (20%), sunflower seeds’ husk (10%) and rice husk (10%).

At the biological factory of Kuban AgroBioComplex there is an adapted technology of preparing mushroom composts in the biodynamic fermenters (aerobunkers). This technology is used it the industrial mushroom complexes in the Russian Federation, European countries, Asia, the USA, Australia and Canada.

Within the high temperature (70-80°С/158°F-176°F ), which is created in the large-tonnage mass of composted substratum by intensive biochemical reactions, there is a total destruction and deactivation of harmful/ pathogenic microflora and inactivation of weed vegetation seeds in the compost.

Dosed airing and moistening of the prepared substratum with liquid manure extracts provide intensive and exponential colonies growth (from 104 till 1010 colony-forming units /ml during 2-3 days) of the main compost producers – microorganisms. Automatic production provides optimal speed of temperature growth in the compost -1,7°С per hour that leads to creating of necessary conditions for exponential growth of microorganisms and, as a result, the fastest achievement of high temperatures inside the composted substratum.

Due to the long (2-3 days) activity of high temperatures harmful/ pathogenic microflora of manure/dung substrata is destroyed and deactivated, weed vegetation seeds are wiped out.

Composts ECOSS are rich in

(the main nourishing elements - when converted into dry materials - weight share):

  • Total nitrogen - at least 15kg/ton
  • Total (available) phosphorus - at least 18 kg/ton
  • Total (exchangeable) potassium - at least 18kg/ton
  • Organic substances (when converted into carbon) - at least 40% (in a dry product).
  • Humic substances (when converted into carbon) - at least 25% (in a dry organic sunstance).
  • Moisture of marketable product – at least 65% of total water-absorbing capacity.
  • рН- 6,5-7,2.
  • cindery substances – at least 60%.

And there is also a high content of microelements – magnesium, copper, sulfur and others.

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