BioSoil ECOSS - Universal is a balanced nutritious soil that is ready to be used. It is a mixture of biological humus, turfs with different degrees of decomposition, sand and agripearlite. It smells like fresh ground.
It contains macroelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), a complex of microelements (calcium, zinc, magnesium, sulfur and others) in a form that is available and easy assimilable for plants.

BioSoil ECOSS is rich in:

  • Total nitrogen - at least 1,2 %.
  • Total (available) phosphorus - at least 1,5%.
  • Total (exchangeable) potassium - at least 2%.
  • Microelements - Zn, Cu, Mn, B, Fe, Mo and others.
  • рН - 5,5-7.

BioSoil ECOSS- Universal does the following:
- Improves soil structure;
- Enrich soil with macro- and microelements;
- Increases the amount of humus in arable layer;
- Increases crop yield;
- Stimulates growth and blossom of plants;
- Ускоряет сроки созревания плодов;
- Increases survival rate of trees and bushes after transplantation.



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