Federal Act on Organic AgricultureAgriculture was passed in 2013 in Kuban Region. The law outlines the key principles and requirements for the production of organic food. One of the key areas is a restoration of soil fertility.

The areas of Kuban arable land 4 mln.ha
Area of protected greenhouse ground 4 mln.m2 (400 ha)
Applying mineral fertilizers 35 kg. a.i./ha/year (while a norm is 120-160 kg. a.i./ha/year)
Applying organic fertilizers 1,5 ton/ha/year (while a norm is 20-40 ton/ha/year)
Kuban arable lands’ need for organic fertilizers 80 mln. tons per year
Arable lands’ need for liquid humic preparations 1 mln.l/year

It is required an urgent organization of large-scale industrial production of organic fertilizers to produce 80 mln. tons of organic nature fertilizers.

KUBAN AGROBIOCOMLEX bio-factory was created near the village Starokorsunskaya on an area of 3.5 hectares in 2014.

Industrial production of organic fertilizers for development of organic agriculture.

5 large livestock farms, which annually produce raw materials for the production of organic fertilizers - more than 100 000 tons (cattle manure, straw, rice husks and other organic waste of agricultural enterprises), are located within a radius of 50 km from bio-factory.

Recycling up to 20 000 tons per year of manure and vegetable waste from agricultural production.

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Currently, the factory is able to produce:

  • Compost "EKOSS" of economy class - 5 000 tons per year
  • BIOHUMUS "EKOSS-25" and "EKOSS-35" - 8 000 tons per year
  • BioGround "EKOSS" - 5 000 tons per year
  • BioHumates "EKOSS" - 500 thousand liters per year

BIOHUMUS "EKOSS-35" has long been known as the most effective organic fertilizer. It is a natural product of processing of disinfected dung substrates by technological compost high-density population worms (from 10 to 50 thousand individuals on 1m2 of vermicompost).

Biohumus "EKOSS-35" has the highest export potential of the entire Russian agribusiness products - potential consumers of hundreds of thousands of tons of biohumus are Turkey, the UAE and other Gulf countries.

BIOHUMUS "EKOSS-25" is a new product on the organic fertilizers market. In fact, this compost, which passed the deep, multiply accelerated humification and mineralization. This natural technology is implemented in biodynamic fermenters of Kuban AgroBioComplex bio-factory. Biohumus "EKOSS-25" can be used as a local organic component for the living soil in the production of vegetables.

  • Humin preparations successfully reveal themselves on the fields in different regions of Russia for many years. Abroad, they implemented everywhere. Outstanding results are obtained in Japan (where more than 120 kg/ha of grain is the norm). In the deserts of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other similar areas of food security problem is solved only due to biohumus and humic preparations on its basis. Particularly significant results are set on poor soil and under natural stress: drought, frost, etc.
  • Biohumates "EKOSS" stimulates microbiological processes of "recovery" of the soil;
  • Authentically yield gain of 10-60% was obtained as a result of hundreds industrial field experiments on different crops and soils;
  • Application of Biohumates together with mineral fertilizers can reduce the dose of "mineral ones" by 20-50% while maintaining the conventional yield and substantial improvement commercial quality. Assimilation of introduced fertilizers by plants increases, as well as the availability of nutrients from the soil;
  • Application of Biohumates together with plant protection products helps reduce the dose of expensive drugs and reduces the stress period after processing.

Today, "Kuban AgroBioComplex" is able to meet the needs of Kuban arable land for enriched humic preparations - BioHumates “EKOSS”, which have a number of differences:

  • Have a high concentration of humus substances (up to 20 g / l). One jerrycan of Biohumates "EKOSS-20" - 10 liters, is enough for a single processing of 40 hectares.
  • They are produced from local raw materials and can be supplied on request of farmers in large volumes within the agreed timeframe.
  • Delivering by enterprise trucks with agronomist-consultant on the application Biohumates "EKOSS".
  • Experts of Kuban AgroBioComplex managed to realize the multiple acceleration of natural processes of humification and mineralization of organic matter
  • Technology of Kuban AgroBioComplex has consistently being improved with the support of specialized scientists:
    - Kuban State Agricultural University;
    - Southern Federal University;
    - Don Zonal Agricultural Research Institute;
    - Volgograd Agricultural Academy.

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